Issue 22: Fighting the good fight for Black girls

A Call to Action

The time for civic engagement across Black communities and marginalized groups is more urgent than ever. In this current political moment, there are people laying this work out on the ground, fighting the good fight to ensure that our voting rights matter and that all of our votes are counted.

  1. The legacy of Shelby County vs. Holder poses a real threat to democracy as states begin to push out more voting laws, carrying problematic and restrictive provisions. Since 2013, measures to limit access to voting have included:
  • Modern day voting fees
  • ID requirements
  • Registration barriers
  • Voter purges and closed down voting polls
  • For example, during the 2018 election for Governor of Georgia with Brian Kemp and Stacey Abrams, 70% of Georgia’s Black voters were purged or removed from voting rolls and polls were closing early despite the long lines of people waiting to vote — which ultimately cost Stacey Abrams the election.

Legacy Meets Legislation

In this spirit, the House passed a proposed legislation from Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) to rename the VRA the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act after the late heroic Civil Rights Movement leader. This legislation would restore the key provision of Section 5: giving federal agencies oversight power of certain state and local jurisdictions to easier track, address, and put an end to voter suppression.



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